Refund terms for buyers

Refund terms for buyers

  1. A refund or replacement request should be initiated within 7 days of date of delivery, by calling the customer support on +91-7259085922 or email at [email protected]
  2. A refund or replacement will be initiated for following cases
    1. Quality issues
    2. Quantity mismatch
    3. Items not as per description
  3. Pickup of delivered items will be arranged by Swiggy.
  4. For refunds, the amount will be credited back within 5 days of pickup confirmation
  5. For replacements, the new delivery will be made as per SLA policy

Refund terms for sellers

  1. Post confirmation from Swiggy, seller will have to arrange pickup of requested items within 1 day.
  2. For replacements, seller will have to arrange the same within 1 day of pickup
  3. For refunds, seller will not receive any payment from Swiggy
  4. For replacement, seller will receive payment as per payment terms with new delivery date

Payment terms for buyers

  1. Online payments
    1. Can use any online payment method (card, netbanking, UPI, etc)
    2. Can use any payment wallets
  2. Cash on delivery
    1. Pay directly to your delivery person
  3. Third party credit
    1. Register with a third-party credit facilitator
    2. E-sign all loan documents, allowing Swiggy to settle B2C & current account payment to an escrow define by third party
    3. The purchase amount will be deducted from escrow account as per the credit line cycle defined
  4. Swiggy shall at its sole discretion choose the refund mode. No amounts are paid in cash, at all time.

IMP: Merchant shall reserve the right to arrange replacement, subject to availability of item or initiate refund if a wrong item in an order dispatched by the Merchant upon buyer returning the wrong item. The Buyer is advised to verify the item before usage and ascertain whether the product received is the same as the one ordered. In case the item is found to be a wrong item, then bring it to the knowledge of Swiggy immediately so that Swiggy can escalate the same to Merchant. Swiggy shall not be liable to pay compensation in case of wrong item delivery since Swiggy can’t verify the item delivered.