Q1. What is a masked sample profile?

A1. This is a profile with masked details of the candidate and only the credentials of the candidate will be visible. From this, the restaurant can get an idea of what it can expect from the candidate. The sample profile will be based on the requirement that the restaurant has filled in the Requestform.

Q2. What is a Single Interview model?

A2. In this model, the restaurant will be shown a free sample profile as per the requirement request. Payment will be collected on approval of this sample profile. After the restaurant makes thepayment, it will receive a call from our partnering agency who will tell the restaurant about the credentials and details of the candidate and then the agency will schedule an interview of the candidate with the restaurant at a mutually convenient time. If the sample profile shown is not approved, the restaurant will be shown a maximum of 2 more sample profiles over a period of 2days, after which the request will be revoked from our end.​ The ​recruitment decision is the sole responsibility of the restaurants and vendor is only responsible for ensuring walk-ins.

Q3. What is a Bundled Interview model?

A3. In this model, the restaurant will be provided with a bundle of five profiles at a lower price per profile after the payment. If the restaurant chooses to go for this model, it will be shown a free masked sample profile as per the request requirements. If the restaurant likes the profile, it canproceed to buy the whole bundle of 5 similar profiles. Upon payment, the restaurant will receive acall from our partnering recruitment agency to schedule the interviews of the candidates with the restaurant at a mutually convenient time. Personal and contact details of the candidate will not be shared with the restaurant before the interview date. ​The ​recruitment decision is the sole responsibility of the restaurants and vendor is only responsible for ensuring walk-ins.

We recommend the restaurant to choose this model due to its high success rate of finding the right candidate since the restaurant has already seen one masked profile. The industry success rate of hiring is close to 20% and thus we believe this bundled model should satisfy the requirements of the restaurant.

Q4. What is a Conversion based model?

A4. In this model, the restaurant first has to pay a non refundable fee of INR 500 to avail this service. After the restaurant pays this fee, it will receive a call based on its requirement request and the executive will tell the restaurant about the credentials of the candidate before scheduling theinterview. An interview of the candidate will be scheduled by the partnering recruitment agency with the restaurant at a mutually convenient time. The candidate will be sent to the restaurant according to the requirement request as raised by the restaurant. As soon as the interview is over, therestaurant will receive a feedback request from our end. The restaurant is required to give feedbackfor the interview.

If the restaurant likes the candidate and wants to hire him/her, it will have to pay. If the restaurant doesn’t like the candidate and doesn’t wish to hire him/her, the restaurant will not have to pay for it.In this case, Swiggy will schedule another interview for the restaurant.

The amount to be paid to Swiggy in case the restaurant wishes to hire, will be the 15 day salary ofthe candidate that was originally announced by the restaurant and which has been decided upon between the candidate and the restaurant. An alternate option of conversion model with a 90-day replacement guarantee can be availed by the restaurant at time of booking. The restaurant will have to pay 20 day salary for availing this service.

For the payment, the restaurant will receive a payment link on the restaurant’s registered email idright after the restaurant gives a positive feedback and wishes to hire him/her.

Please read the terms and conditions in case of any violations done from the restaurant side.

How many interviews will be scheduled for a restaurant before revoking the request?
3 interviews

Q5. What is the replacement guarantee?

A5. Replacement guarantee is only applicable for the conversion model. The restaurant can opt toavail a replacement guarantee at the time of placing order. The fee for this service is 20 days salary of the hired candidate as against the 15 day salary fee for conversion model without a replacement guarantee.The replacement guarantee is valid for 90 days of joining of the first candidate. Thismeans that if the candidate hired leaves the job ​voluntarily​ within 90 days of the date of joining of the first candidate hired, another interview will be scheduled for a new candidate to fulfill the same position without the restaurant having to pay again for the profile. This will be done at most 2 timesafter the first candidate leaves. In case all 3 candidates leave within the period of 3 months, NO further candidates will be sent and NO refund will be processed.

Q6. How is Swiggy different from normal recruitment agencies?

A6. At Swiggy, we have built up various models for the restaurants so that they can interview and select the candidates as per their relevance and convenience. We understand that a restaurant has to invest a lot of time in acquiring the right manpower and quite often it faces problems due to the manpower leaving.

Best prices​ - We offer the restaurants various models of hiring at very low prices.

Convenience​ - No need to advertise. No need to do word of mouth publicity. No need to call,follow-up and interview so many irrelevant candidates. Direct interviews as per the customised requirements of the restaurant.

Q7. How do I place an order on the website?

A7. Please follow the below steps in order to place an order on the website:

  1. Select the category of staff you want to hire viz. Kitchen, Managerial and Service staff.
  2. Within the category select the particular role you would like to hire for. Eg: Steward / JuniorChef
  3. Choose the salary range for the candidate between >5 LPA or <5 LPA using the first filter
  4. Choose the pricing plan for the candidate using the second filter. Here you can go for the interview model and conversion model (with or without replacement) in the >5 LPA categoryand for the interview model in the <5 LPA category.
  5. Fill out the requirement form by specifying the gender, cuisine, experience, salary and linguistic requirements from the candidate.
  6. Specify the number of candidates you would like to interview. In the interview model,maximum interviews that can be requested is 25. In the conversion model, only 1 requestcan be raised at a time.
  7. Proceed onto the next page and enter the address where interview is to be conducted.
  8. Confirm the order on next page. Post order confirmation, our partnering agencies will soon reach out to you with a free sample resume of a candidate on mail.

Post order confirmation, our partnering agencies will soon reach out to you with a free sample resume of a candidate on mail.

Q8. How do I specify my requirements while placing an order?

A8. The restaurant can choose the category of manpower required viz. Managerial, Service or Kitchen staff. Within each category, they can choose the particular job profile and mention the following requirements:

  1. Gender
  2. Minimum Years of experience
  3. Languages spoken
  4. Cuisine
  5. Salary Range

The sample profile will adhere to the above 5 requirements. Any additional requirements can bementioned in the “Remarks” section. We will try to accommodate these requests while sharing thecandidate profile, however the same cannot be guaranteed.

The following job profiles are available for request:

Kitchen Staff Managerial staff Service staff
Commis chef 1 (Head chef/ Group chef) Restaurant manager Waiter/ Steward
Commis chef 2 (Sous chef/ Line chef) Accountant Bartender
Commis chef 3 (Cook/ Junior chef) Cashier Runner/ Helper
Kitchen helper

Q9. How many times can I reject a sample profile?

A9. The restaurant may reject sample profiles at most 3 times if it doesn’t like the profiles shown after which it will not be able to see any more profiles for the same request. If it wants to see moreprofiles, it has to make a new request. However, the request to reject can be accommodated only if the sample profile does not match the requirement raised as per the Profile Similarity rules laid outbelow.

Q10. On what basis will the profile be labelled as ‘similar’?

A10. The following Similarity Rules will be used to select similar profiles and to resolve any escalations:

  1. Firm parameters: Among the requirement fields, the following should match exactly with requirements to qualify as a similar profile:Manpower type, Gender, Experience (should be within mentioned range), Cuisine,Languages spoken
  2. Flexible parameters: Among the requirement fields, the following will have some flexibility allowed while searching for a similar profile:Salary - Over the provided range, a 10% deviation from min or max salary will be allowed Locality - Any location within a 5 km radius of required location will be considered

Any profile meeting both the firm parameter and flexible parameter restrictions on the given requirement will be considered a “similar” profile.

Q11. What is the basic background check service?

A11. The basic background verification is our bundled verification service where the following checksare carried out to verify the authenticity of the candidate:

  1. Current and Permanent address verification - Physical check of the local and permanent address (as mentioned in the collected documents) by an onground team of our verification partner.
  2. Courts Records Check - Existence of any criminal or civil records with District / State /Supreme courts and tribunals is verified.
  3. National Identity Check - Verifying the identity of the individual is genuine and not an assumed one based on proofs provided.

Q12. What is the character check service?

A12. This check involves telephonic verification of candidate’s character, general behavior,personality and family background with two personal references provided by the candidate. It helps establish any instances of negative behavior by the candidate.

Q13. What is the police verification certificate?

A13. The police verification certificate is for verifying the existence of a criminal record ? FIR against the candidate at the specified address where the candidate currently resides. In some jurisdictions the local police authorities may ask the candidate to present himself / herself in person at the concerned police station one or more times.

Q14. Can I opt for verification services for my current employees?

A14. Yes, you can opt for any of our verification services for your current employees / future hires.These candidates need not be provided through the Manpower Assist platform. To raise a verification request for any employee, add the required service to the cart and confirm order. You will soon be contacted by the Swiggy for collecting required documentation and payment for the service.

Q15. Will the employee be informed that his details are being verified?

A15. Any form of verification check can only be done after receiving explicit approval from the candidate. Our verification agency will reach out to the candidate on phone and proceed with the verification only after receiving their approval for the same.

Q16. What if the candidate refuses to get the verification done?

A16. In case the candidate rejects the request, the verification cannot proceed and a refund will be processed against the order.

Q17. How much time will the verification take?

A17. Based on the standard verification procedure, you can expect a final report on the candidate asper the following timelines:

Verification Service Expected time
Basic background verification 5 working days
Character check 5 working days
Police Verification Certificate 14 working days

However, based on local city dynamics and other unforeseeable factors, few requests can takelonger to process. We would endeavor to minimize the impact of such externalities on delivery.

Q18. What should I expect at the end of verification?

A18. The outcome of any verification request would be a final report on the candidate highlighting any discrepancy, insufficiency of information or response received from the referee. The report provides no guidance on the hiring decision for the candidate, but provides a compilation of all facts collected during the verification process. Decision to hire or retain the candidate is the restaurants’ sole responsibility.

Q19. How is the address verification done?

A19. Address verification ( local and permanent ) is done by carrying out a physical check at theaddress shared in documentation. Verification is done with anybody at the concerned address orwith an immediate neighbour, if need be.

Q20. Will I get a refund if the candidate has a criminal history / objectionable background?

A20. The verification service aims to provide an accurate representation of all facts from the verification process. The service will be considered complete upon sharing of the final report on the candidate. No refunds will be applicable regardless of the outcome of verification.If any candidate provided through the Swiggy Manpower Assist service, is found to have open FIR orpending criminal / civil litigation against them, the same will be considered an invalid candidate. A replacement / refund for the manpower service will be carried out as per the Refund and Cancellation policy in such a case. However, no refund will be processed for the verification service.

Q21. How should I raise a request for verification and what details need to be provided?

A21. To raise a request for verification, select the required services and the number of candidates tobe verified, and proceed to confirm the order. Swiggy will contact the restaurant within 1 working dayto collect required documentation of the person to be verified. A payment link will also be shared withthe restaurant corresponding to the services selected. The verification process will begin only after payment has been made in full by the Restaurant. Post placing of the request on the website, the restaurant will have a one-month period to share candidate’s documentation as required for the chosen verification model. These documents can easily be shared as images over Whatsapp. The following documents will be required for each type of verification:

Verification Service Documentation required
Basic background verification 1 ID proof: Driving License / Voter /PAN
Current address
Permanent address
Father’s name
Character check Names, contact details of 2references
Police Verification Certificate 1 ID proof: Driving License / Voter /PAN
Father’s name


Q1. Can I request for manpower interviews on call?

A1. Sorry, we don’t accept any requests on call. However, the restaurant can send us an email forany help related to placing requests at [email protected]

Q2. How do I know my request has been accepted?

A2. The partnering recruitment agency will send the restaurant a confirmation email once they have accepted its request. Soon after the restaurant places a request, it will receive communication to approve sample profile(s) and an interview will be scheduled with the candidate at a mutually convenient time. Once the interview(s) has been scheduled, the restaurant will receive another email with all the interview details.

Q3. How do I edit my request after placing it?

A3. Please write to us at ​[email protected]​ mentioning the order details (Request ID of the restaurant, Date of placing order and required edits). We will try to accommodate the same provided sample profile has yet not been shared with the restaurant.

Q4. How do I cancel my request?

A4. Please refer to our Return & Cancellation policy.


Q1. How will the candidates be sent for interviews?

A1. Soon after the restaurant places a request, it will receive communication from our partneringagency to approve sample profile(s). Once the restaurant approves the sample profile, the executive will schedule an interview at a mutually convenient time for the restaurant and the candidate. An email notification will be sent to the restaurant as soon as the interview is scheduled. The restaurant can also give any instructions to the candidate before the interview.

Q2. How long will it take to process my request and when will the recruitment agency send acandidate for an interview?

A2. It will depend on the type of manpower required. For service staff, it usually takes 3-5 days andfor kitchen and managerial staff, it may take 3-7 days.

Q3. Can I change the time of interview for the conversion model?

A3. We request the restaurant to inform the partner agency at least six hours prior to the time of the interview. Our executive will postpone the interview according to the availability of the restaurant andthe candidate. Rescheduling can only be done once.

Q4. Can I change the restaurant for which I had raised the request to another franchise?

A4. Yes, the restaurant can ask for a change in the address of the restaurant, provided a sampleprofile for a different location has not yet been approved. For this, please write an email to us withdetails on ​[email protected]​. No refunds will be processed for cancellations after scheduling of the interview.

Q5. How many times can I modify my request before an interview is done?

A5. The restaurant can modify its request only once before the sharing of profiles. No further changes will be allowed. This modification will be done only if it implies to all the profiles and if sample profile has not yet been approved.

Q6. How will I identify the candidate or verify the genuinity of the person sent for theinterview?

A6. Our Partner Agency will instruct all the candidates to carry their government ID cards for verification at the time of interview.

Q7. Can I interview all the candidates in the bundled interview model together?

A7. The interviews will be scheduled based on the convenience of the restaurant as well as the availability of the candidate. Such a request can be placed while approving the sample profile, and we will try to accommodate the same. However, the same cannot be guaranteed.

Q8. How do I convey that I want to employ the candidate sent in the conversion model?

A8. The restaurant will get a feedback call and a feedback form to indicate their choice(HIRE/WAIT/NO HIRE). Right after this, the restaurant will receive an email with the payment link.

Q9. What if I have a problem with the candidate sent for the interview and would like to report him?

A9. Please report the candidate to Swiggy in such a situation. We will forward the issue to the concerned recruitment agency.

Q10. How do I give the feedback for the interview?

A10. As soon as the interview is done, the restaurant will receive a feedback form with three options:
HIRE​: If the restaurant wants to hire the candidate immediately, he can select this option. This will be communicated to the candidate for immediate joining. The remaining interviews will take place asscheduled.
WAIT: ​If the restaurant decides to keep the candidate on hold, it can select this option. The profile will not be shown for any other requests for the next 2 days. The remaining interviews will take place as scheduled. ​We take no responsibility if the candidate gets hired elsewhere. We suggest you to HIRE the candidate if he meets your requirement
NO HIRE: ​If the restaurant decides to reject the candidate, it can select this option. The remaining interviews will take place as scheduled.
Please note that it is restaurants’ sole responsibility if it decides to choose the hire option for more candidates than the number of positions it initially had. ​In the profile based model, recruitment decision is restaurants' sole responsibility and the vendor is only responsible for ensuring walk-ins.


Q1. When do I have to pay?

A1. The restaurant will have to pay as per the model it have chosen:
For​​ single interview and bundle interview models​, the restaurant will have to pay right after itapproves the sample profile. We will share a payment link with the restaurant and online paymentwill have to be made before availing the services.
If it is a ​conversion based​ model, the restaurant has to pay when it selects the candidate anddecides to employ him/her. The restaurant will receive a feedback call for the candidate and it will be asked whether it wants to employ the candidate. If the restaurant wants to employ the candidate, we will send instructions via email for the payment.

Q2. Are there any other charges apart from those mentioned in the rate chart?

A2. The prices mentioned on the website are inclusive of all taxes.

Q3. What payment modes are accepted?

A3. All online payment modes are accepted.

Q4. Can I take this service on credit?

A4. Sorry, we don’t allow a credit on this service currently.

Q5. Will I get an invoice?

A5. Yes. The restaurant will get an invoice from our partnering recruitment agency.


Q1. What quality assurance do I get of the profiles sent by Swiggy?

A1. We have some of the best recruitment agencies partnering with us to solve one of the key issuesof the restaurant industry. The recruitment agencies have over thousands of profiles and we aim toprovide the restaurants with the best manpower as per your requirements. For a bundled interview model, the restaurant will be shown a sample profile and the other profiles will be similar to this sample profile. The restaurant has to pay only after it likes the first sample profile.

Q2. You don’t have the manpower requirement that I need, what should I do?

A2. The restaurant can write to us at [email protected] and we will try our best to include the need in our services.